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We take care of the planning so you can relax before you even leave for vacation!

Planning Travel on Your Own is 

Planning a vacation by yourself takes a lot of work. There are so many details to get right and so little time. You are meant to enjoy a vacation, not dread it!

Save Time and Take Back Control of Your Vacation

Travel Plan

With T&M; Travel you can expect a travel plan that is personalized to you. Everything from how you travel to how you enjoy your vacation!

Customer Service

Ditch the robot customer service and talk with someone who cares about you! T&M; Travel prides themselves in excellent customer service.

Less Stress – More Vacation

Make the best memories on vacation rather than worrying about the what-ifs. T&M; Travel helps take the stress off of planning vacation.

We don’t just care about travel.
We care about you.

T&M; Travel has been helping make travel plans for hundreds of happy clients for over 30 years!

Your travel, your way

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Family Vacations

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Cruise Vacations

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Luxery Vacations

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International Vacations

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Here’s How it Works

1. Contact T&M Travel

2. Recieve a Personalized

3. Enjoy Your Vacation!

Stop stressing about your vacation
and start enjoying it!

Planning travel can be confusing and stressful. T&M Travel helps make planning easier by providing a personalized travel plan so that you can stop stressing about your vacation, and start enjoying it!

You Shouldn’t be stressed about your vacation! It’s time to enjoy it!